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About Project DREAM

Too often we dream of a better world, hoping for cures and waiting for better medical treatments, but rarely do we stop and wonder how they come to be.

Project DREAM is going to change that. We're raising awareness and educating the public on why even one small act of volunteering CAN make a huge difference for us all.

If you are a research volunteer, share your story! Tell others what it was like.

If you don't know, but you're curious, check out the stories of real people like you, helping advance science.



There's too much illness in this world, too much suffering. Scientists are working on therapies and cures, but they can't do it alone.

Did you know the number one reason clinical trials fail is from lack of volunteers?

Volunteering is easy. It can be as simple as filling out a survey or donating your medical data.

And if you're sick, it can mean access to a life-changing therapy years ahead of others in your situation.

But people don't know how to get involved or they only see research as a risky, last ditch effort.

It's the mission of Project DREAM to raise awareness and lead the way.

Being a DREAMer means you know the importance of volunteering. You get it.

The message is simple, but powerful. DREAM of a world without suffering, a world without pain.

Take the pledge to be a DREAMer, too. Share why you think volunteering is important in a paragraph or two and be featured here on our project page.

Be on the look out for video sharing via a smartphone app -- coming soon!

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